Vehicle Mobile Advertising


Vehicle Mobile Advertising also know as car wrapping is our new service to expand your advertising needs not only in SEO or social media marketing but now Mobile Advertising on Vehicles.

What Mobile Advertising Can Do For You

Are you searching for a unique and individual way to advertise your business? Then you should consider mobile vehicle advertising. When you use mobile car advertising, you can show consumers information about your business wherever they are. It is unique, accessible and attractive way to show customers information about your company and what you can do for them. If you choose to use mobile car advertising, you should consider the many reasons why it can help you to advertise your business.

Vehicle Mobile Advertising Can Entice Customers

The first way, vehicle mobile advertising on cars can help you is by attracting new customers to your business because of the unique way that the information is presented to them. Customers will see your advertisements while they are sitting in traffic or driving to their favorite destination. Your new client will be intrigued by the unique mobile vehicle advertising that your company has invested in and will want to understand what exactly that product or service is. They will want to learn more about the vehicle mobile advertisement they just saw and keep seeing, and that will make them want to do more research on your product or services.

Mobile Car Advertising Can Travel to Where Customers Are

Another way, which mobile car advertising can help you is that it is accessible to your chosen market. Unlike billboards, which are stationary, mobile vehicle advertising can go to where your clientele is. Mobile car advertising is the way that you will be able to identify adequately and target customers for your chosen market area. You won’t have to worry that your information isn’t being seen by the right audience or that the right people are getting to see your message. Your advertisement will go to where the customers are, and that will make a difference in sales for your service or product.

Mobile Advertising On Cars Can Help Customers Understand What You Do

A third way, in which mobile car advertising can help you is that it allows you to help your customer to understand what it is that your business does. It will allow you to get your information out there into the public sphere. When your information is accessible, people will learn more about your service and will clearly understand what it is that you can do to help them in their daily lives. In today’s society, information is powerful, and the more information you can give to your intended customer the better.

We will match you with a driver in any location that will advertise your business on their care or Truck. How do you get started with mobile advertising on care?

Here you find find different options to advertise. Your business on a back window of one vehicle or 10 vehicles driving at least 500 miles per moth all over your local area or state. Maybe you want to wrap a whole car or truck that drives from Tampa to Orlando every day. What ever your need we can supply a service. Not only will you be all over the road being seen by new customers, but we will also write a press release about your company and service then distribute it to 50+ press release distribution sites for maximum exposure on the net and on the road.

What we do for Mobile Advertising

  • Find qualified drives 500-1000 miles per month in the designated area 
  • Make advertisement
  • Install advertisement
  • Get Drivers millage and location
  • Have pictures every week of advertisement on vehicle (proof)
  • Mobile Advertising Work with Drivers
  • Pay driver to drive every month
  • Uninstall advertisement
  • GPS tracking drivers (extra cost)
  • Make Custom QR Code
  • Write a Professional Press Release
  • Submit and Distribute the Press Release
  •  Expose your Business to thousands of people
  • Custom niche adverting available

What do you do to advertise on vehicles

  • Agree to terms of service
  • Send us your Logo – Advertisement – and information
  • Pick your package
  • 1 month  – 3 month – 6 month –  1 year packages

That’s it. Please call for questions and to speak to a professional mobile advertising specialist. They will help you find the best package for your budget.

Just imagine you have 1-20 cars driving in your local area that are on different rough and times. How many new customers will it reach with- out the cost or SEO Social Media Marketing for a single website? How many eyes will be wondering and thinking about you every day? Get in touch for your free consultation and plan to reach more and new customers today!

Any state and area local or nation wide we have you covered – Please contact us now INFO at or call 813-856-9678 and ask us for a mobile advertising specialist!!