Service Plan Charges

Social SEO Ninja has dedicated SEO professionals that will assist you in many processes. We all have the same goal for your business or website! Free consultation,  so please consult with an SEO professional before your purchase hours needed. All Payment done with PAYPAL

Service Charges

Non Client Per hr Charges                                                                     Client Per hr Discount Charges


  • 10                                                                 $60                                                                                                                    $50
  • 20                                                                 $56                                                                                                                    $44
  • 30                                                                 $52                                                                                                                    $40
  • 40                                                                 $48                                                                                                                    $36
  • 60+                                                               $40                                                                                                                    $28


Non Client Charges



Client Charges 


Thinking of SELLING your website or Domain/URL ? We can do that!! To List your site: One time charge of $20.00 for 30 days. If sold 50% commission due to Social SEO Ninja. Please email for details.

 One Time Charges For Clients 

Service Charge Options

Monthly Service Plan Charges for  SEO/SMO  Client Packages. This section is only client charges for your monthly custom plan subscription. You will be subscribing for 6 months. You may unsubscribe any time below.

Service Plan Charges

Plan Payments per month

You can unsubscribe any time for your convenience. Your Social SEO Ninja Services will also stop Immediately. Please email for details on Unsubscribing.