Custom QR Codes


Custom QR codes with color and logo. We now can make a unique QR code for your business. These custom qr codes can be uses for:

  • Main Website Page
  • Contact Page                                                                                           
  • Special Advertising Page
  • Facebook
  • YouTube Videos
  • Put them on you Business Cards
  • Add Your Logo
  • Banners
  • Anything with a link

No monthly fees like our competitors! Order your custom qr code now and send us the link, your logo if you have one, and special colors.

Each QR code comes with 1 free revision.  Buy 4 and get one free!! If you have any questions please email us before your order! Click on the Buy Now to start your order. When order is complete email us your Logo:    info at




  • choose your Custom QR Code plan

  • No Monthly Fee
  • Custom Color
  • LOGO
  • Revision
  • Buy 4 Get 1 Free
  • Time to Finish and Test

Custom QR Codes QR Codes